Prey Veng



-ផ្ទៃដី                      ៤.៨៨៣ គម

-ប្រជាជន                ១.១២៣.២៥៩ នាក់

-ចំនួនភូមិ/ឃុំ/ស្រុក   មាន ១.១៣៧ ភូមិ, ១១៣ ឃុំ, ១២ ស្រុក, សង្កាត់ ៣, ក្រុង្១


-មន្ទីរពាណិជ្ជកម្មខេត្តៈ ភូមិលេខ២ សង្កាត់ព្រៃវែង ​ក្រុងព្រៃវែង ​ខេត្តព្រៃវែង ទូរស័ព្ទលេខៈ ០១២ ៩៨៤ ៨២៩

- Provincial Department of Commerce: Village No.2, S/K Prey Veng, Prey Veng City, Prey Veng Province. Tel: 012 984 829.

Similar to other provinces, Prey Veng cultivates twice a year rice with varieties such as Neang Khun, Neang Mliss, and Jasmine rice. Prey Veng produces a surplus of paddy rice for local consumption and export. Most rice is produced in the districts of Kamchary Mear and Prey Veng.

  • Production: Cultivated area is 322,993 ha, yields are approximately 861,061 tons/year.
  • Rice mills: There are 43 rice mills located in different places of Prey Veng.
  • Market: Domestic market and export to Vietnam.
  • Harvest season: December to April.

Business contact

Chhun Thom Rice Mill: National Road No.11, Svay AntorII village, Svay Antor Commune, Prey Veng District. Tel: 011 62 66 26 / 012 76 29 99.

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