-ផ្ទៃដី                      ១២.៦៩២ គម

-ប្រជាជន                ៤១៧.៣២០ នាក់

-ចំនួនភូមិ/ឃុំ/ស្រុក   មាន ៥០១ ភូមិ, ៤២ ឃុំ, ៥ ស្រុក, ​សង្កាត់ ៧, ក្រុង១


-មន្ទីរពាណិជ្ជកម្មៈ ភូមិពាលញែក២ សង្កាត់ផ្ទះព្រៃ ​ក្រុងពោធិសាត់ ​ខេត្តពោធិសាត់

​ទំនាក់ទំនង​ទូរស័ព្ទលេខៈ ០៥២ ៩៥១ ៤៦៤ / ០១២ ៦២៧ ៣៧៧

- Provincial Department of Commerce: Peal Nheak II Village, Sangkat Phtah Prey, Pursat City, Pursat Province. Tel: 052 951 464 / 012 627 377.

Many varieties of paddy rice are cultivated in Pursat province such as Neang Minh, Jasmine, Pkar Chek, Pkar Rom Dourl, etc.

  • Production size: Yield is 204.562 tons per year. Besides some paddy rice that is kept for food security, in 2008 Pursat had produced a paddy rice surplus of 107,761 tons, which provided 68,967 tons of white rice available for export.
  • Rice mills: 300 rice mills, some of them are run as independent families businesses, others are members of the Federation of Cambodian Rice Miller Associations.
  • Market: Domestic market, Vietnam and Thailand.

Business contact

  1. Ouk Borath Rice Mill: Peal Nheak II Village, Sangkat Phtah Prey, Pursat City, Pursat Province Tel. 012 82 86 58
  2. Chan Korn Rice Mill: Phum Sdove, Sankat Phtah Prey, Pursat City, Tel.: 012 737 174

Pursat is the first province who grew oranges in Cambodia. Based on research the oranges were imported to be grown in Pursat in 1905 when Cambodia was a French colony. Later, villagers from Battambang brought these orange trees to their province to start their own cultivation. The best soil in Pursat province to plant and cultivate oranges is found in Bannon district.

  • Special feature: Pursat oranges have a very special and sweet taste with a light sour influence which differs from imported oranges. The first location where oranges have been grown is named Dorb Bath Village, Lorlok Sar Commune. Today, the farmers have enlarged their farmland for growing oranges starting from Phnom Krovanh district, Barkan district to Veal Veng district.
  • Market: Main markets are Battambang and Phnom Penh.

Business contact

  1. Provincial Department of Commerce: Peal Nheak II Village, Sangkat Phtah Prey, Pursat City, Pursat Province, Tel: 052 951 464 / 012 627 377.

Stone sculptures from natural marble are hand-made products and include a large variety of handicraft products for interior decoration or worship materials in Buddhist religion. Many varieties of marble can be taken from a depth of four to five meters at Tassai mountain, Ta Yorn and Spong mountain in Pursat Province.

  • Production size: Thousands of tons per year.
  • Operating companies: Two competitors: Float Asia Friendly Mation Co., Ltd. and Association of Marble Producers in Phnom Krovanh.
  • Market: Phnom Penh and other provinces.

Business contact

  1. Float Asia Friendly Mation Co., Ltd.: Sampov Reach Village, Leach Commune, Phnom Krovanh District, Pursat Province, Tel: 012 88 16 38 / 011 38 16 38
  2. Association of Marble Business: Mrs. Cheang Phean, Kroch Chmar Village, Leache Commune, Pursat Province, Tel: 012 30 15 02

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