A-Topic: The Strategy to Promote Top Ten Products for Export and Trade Matching

B- Dated: Wednesday 17, December 2008 at Mondial Exhibition Center, Phnom    Penh.

C- Objective:

i). To disseminate the existing varieties of products produced by the Cambodian’s producers with a reasonable quality and quantity and can be replaced the imported products.

ii). To attract the end users (Cambodian people) to consume local products instead of imported products in order to enable economic sustainability, create new jobs to Cambodian farmers or producers, income generation in order to reach to poverty reduction of the Cambodian people.

D. Seminar outline:

A seminar entitle the Strategy to Promote Top-Ten Products for Export promotion was organized by the Trade Promotion Department of the Ministry of Commerce and JETRO of Japan aiming to strengthening the capacity building of the Cambodian SMEs to produce a good quality products in respond to market demand. The seminar's theme have been mention and urging the producers and manufacturers focusing on improvement of products quality, standardization, labeling, branding, designing and especially improving on packaging in order to attract the customers.

Please download seminar presentation.