Durian is a popular fruit for Southeast Asian people and is recognized as the “King of Fruits”. In Cambodia, the provinces of Kampot and Kampong Cham are the main places for growing durian due to climate and soil condition. Kampot durian is very famous and among the most popular fruits in Cambodia due to its natural smell and flavor.

  • Production: Cultivation area is 750 ha with 100 trees/ha and one tree bearing 30 to 50 fruits. One fruit has a weight of 2 to 8 kg.
  • Producers: 1,237 families mostly located in Teuk Chhou district and Kampot city
  • Market: Phnom Penh, Preah Sihanouk province and export to Vietnam
  • Harvest season: May to late July

Business contact:

“Yang Haov” durain trader: Snom 7 village, Mark Prain Commune, Teuk Chhou District, Kampot Province, Tel: 012 466 412 / 012 466 445

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